Monday, March 09, 2009

A year's ending

Ellowyn turned 3 in February and I downloaded all the pictures from my camera recently. Yes, I am a little behind the times. I'm a mom of 2, it happens. Anyway, I wanted to post the last couple of pictures E took when she was 2 so that going forward we can get bumped up to the 3 yr old tag. :P

Here's a closeup shot of her sister with a blue Hitler type mustache.
From By Ellowyn

And Ellowyn likes to play with exposures and new techniques. Here's a great Orange and Yellow photo. It's a step up from the Blacks and Whites.
From By Ellowyn

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Candy said...

That 2nd photo is quite artistic... you might want to consider selling her work in New York... some rich person will pay good money for it! :-)