Monday, September 03, 2007

Busyness when I wasn't looking

Rachel and Bekah obviously had a lot of fun with the camera when I wasn't aware. I went to take some pictures today and the camera was full. I should just give it to them - they take better pictures than I do.

Bekah flipping over her bed.

Kissing Ponies... :-)

Bekah training for the future.

"Look Mom! I know you said I couldn't open the bag with the new stuff in it until you were ready to put it on, but it's ok because I did it all by myself! I even took a picture for you! Do you like it?"

Busted with their own photography skills

My youngest, sweetest looking child really has little devil horns hidden by her hair.

How many times a day have I said, "Leave the cat ALONE!!!"?? and here the reply, "But Mooooooooooooooooooooooooom, we're just petting her!"

Now I have proof. and they supplied it themselves. All I can say is that they are sooooooo lucky that is a lovebug patient cat. and that it has no claws.

People and Things...

Cassie asked for the camera yesterday...

I thought she did pretty good with this one, we are even centered!

Apparently my computer screen looked interesting...